All about me

Okay, you maybe asking who is writing all this, and what do they know about Investing. I do not for one minute think I am the guy in the picture above.. So, there is a little taster about me.. 

I am Young. I am 23 (not so tender in certain careers). In the world of finance, investing and stock market, that makes me young, very young. 

Please don’t confuse young with inexperienced. 

I have a degree in Psychology, and a masters in Business Analysis. Im not saying I am Billy Big B*****ks. But what I am is determined, knowledge thirsty, and fully absorbed in Investing. Why should I work hard when my money isn’t. Easiest way to earn money is to invest money. My philosophy is not to have a volatile portfolio, moreso, have a well balanced portfolio that will earn me 7% + growth a year. 

Invest £10k in 2010 earning 7% PA. Will mean:

2015: £14,025.52

2020: £19,671.52

2025: £27,590.32

2030: £38,696.85

2035: £54,274.33

2040: £76,122.55

2045: £106,765.81

2050: £149,744.58

2055: £210,024.51

2060: £294,570.25

Surely that is in incentive for anyone to invest!? Im not saying hold for 50 years. But that is just a £10k start up. It is not like you are ever only going to invest and not add to the pot? 

Food for thought. Let your money make money… 

The Young Investor..


2 Responses to All about me

  1. cheekos says:

    It is also important to realize that investing will, indeed, have times when it’s a roller coaster, and perhaps a crap shoot, as well. Professor Jeremy Siegel, has written several versions of “Stocks for the Long-Term”, which is considered The Bible for stock investing. His research, going back to 1925, predicts a long-term stock performance between 6 1/2% and 8 1/2%. Keep in mind, however, that if you have a truly balanced portfolio, the portion in bonds might not be expected to perform quite as well.


    • Thanks for the comment! I have not actually read that book so thats just been bought! Thank you for the advice. Yes a figure of 6.5 to 8.5% is a very good prediction. I was bang on the money with the 7% PA return! Yes, it is very worth while reminding people that it is not a sprint, its a marathon and there will be bad starts and bad years. Just hang in there, and be smart enough to live by your research and your strategy. If everyone did what novices did and panic sell, no one would get rich (apart from the pessimist shorters of the day trading)! Pleasure talking again! Stay in touch!

      The Young Investor


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