Was I right about Brexit Stocks at risk?

If you do not remember my article about the potential impact of Brexit please click here. I stated that Small to Mid Sized Stocks will take the hit and FTSE 100 companies won’t be impacted as much!

Was I right?

Considering the FTSE 100 is up 20% against the lows in February and hit an 11 month high I was right with my prediction that the FTSE 100 would not be as impacted as much as the rest of the FTSE

The FTSE 250 is still around 2% lower than the pre Brexit levels, and has recovered nicely over the last week. 

I also mentioned that there will be some bargains, one of which is Virgin Money. Its worth a look! I picked it up after a 40% drop in the share price, and with my due diligence and analysis I believe it was oversold. I am really happy with the price I bought it at and its future growth potential

I hope you all decided to be smart and look to invest when prices of basically everything dropped. There were  a lot of bargains out there and some really cheap stocks that were panic sold. This was not a way for me to show off about my knowledge, this was to show you that once you learn enough you can judge how safe you are against turmoil events. If you knew the sectors or companies or incomes of groups of companies you would of been able to re-shift your portfolio to not be as badly impacted. 

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2 Responses to Was I right about Brexit Stocks at risk?

  1. cheekos says:

    Andrew, perhaps you’ve pointed-out, in another post, the tie-in between domestic currency and the Import Industry. Post-Brexit, as the GBP dropped 11% vs the Euro, and 15% against the USD, companies that derive a strong portion of their revenue from overseas should be expected to improve nicely. Conversely, however, retailers that must import raw materials might expect a fall-off in revenue as prices rise. As I understand it, foodstuffs are generally the first to respond, and as I have read, have already seen prices rise in the food industry.


    • Hi,
      I havent done a post about this however I have benefited personally from it with my Starbucks stock and the decrease in value of the pound. I am in the process of doing an article about how macroeconomics plays a big part in the turmoil we are have seen recently!


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