The Most Useful Stock Websites!!

Your one stop shop for portfolio management! This is a simple post but hopefully you find this useful. Please comment if you have any others you would like to discuss!


Google Finance

The first page I open each morning to look at my portfolio. You can set yours up very easily, just sign in to your google account and add each transaction. Gives your portfolio news, market news, great for stock screening, risers, fallers, volume movers etc. Take the news releases with a pinch of salt as these will be biased/sales techniques. Im a huge fan of the stock screeners. 

 Your Stock Buying Interface

Use the investment tools on it, and understand the costs involved in the website. I have both a Barclays Stockbrokers account and also an AJ Bell You-Invest as I really like the user-friendly format and the interfaces. 


I signed up to ADVFN Newsdesk and receive a report each morning and evening about each days movements and the reasons why. I fully recommend you look into this to understand movements, and reasons behind the movements.  Yes this is a day traders website, but at the same time, everything you need to know when it comes to analysing a stocks performance is either on this, or in the financial statements released quarterly. Takes a lot of time to get used to how backward it looks, but the information is valuable! It is worth plugging through a few hours of spare time to understand the website as it will save hours in the future!


I browse this daily, concentrating on market trends, any news about my portfolio holdings and potential new stocks I am looking at. I find it really useful, straightforward and less biased than others.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Really easy interface for a proportion of research i need. Useful to see Director purchases as that is a good indication of the strength/weakness 

MSN finance

That is the app I use to monitor when I am out and about. Im a huge fan of this. Very useful, with nuggets of information which are straight to the point and perceivingly very neutral . Although the adverts are annoying, its worth plugging through and trying this website out.


Obvious what it is used for. Link with what you see on your google account and you could gain some insight into which stocks have dividend payment growths, and when the expected dividends are. I really like it!


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