Same thought pattern- Don’t panic buy, analyse, assess, and evaluate your Investment Strategy!

The Truth On Common Sense

Even though the U. S. financial markets were closed on Monday, for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Europe was mostly down, but only slightly, and Asia was mostly flat; however, the Pacific looks mostly green at this time, early Tuesday afternoon.  Developing markets that are heavily dependent upon commodities, however, are still dropping, as oil had moved below $30 per barrel a couple of days ago.

It is important to consider that the financial markets are not inhabited by a homogenous group of investors; rather, a large number of people dwell there, from various backgrounds, and with different risk tolerances, time horizons and future goals.  Thus, the multitude of participants is moving their money in different directions.  So, when we speak of “The Markets,” in effect, the topic refers primarily to the overall stock market, and the actual result, at the end of the day, is the Net movement…

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